What is Dharma?

Dharma may be defined as seeing beyond typical worldly things.  The word may also refer to “truth”, “phenomena”, or “the way things are” or teaching tools which lead to self-realization.

All of us have a strong desire to wake up to our lives. Regular practice and continuous investigation are necessary to cultivate mindfulness throughout this busy modern life; careers, technology, relationships, money and health concerns fill our day.  How can we live a life where our clear, radiant and curious state is not subject to ever-changing and unpredictable external circumstances?

Dharma in Motion is committed to moving individuals and their communities through the obstacles that keep them stuck in circular patterns of praise and blame, loss and gain, shame and fame, pleasure and pain.

Together we will learn to maintain a tranquil and curious mind under any situation. There are many personal stories of participants leading pro-active lives by moving through unconscious blind patterns and letting them go.

We offer proven tools for internal and external exploration regardless of  profession, experience, gender, intelligence, race or age.