5Rhythms Dance Movement Meditation Workshop in Toronto June 18 – 19 2010

03. Jun, 2010

Waves 5Rhythms® Workshop:

AWE —  Going Beyond the Story with Movement & Meditation

Facilitated by Evangelos Diavolitsis and Taeji      Live percussion by Shara Claire

We have all experienced it, although we may not realize it when we do: AWE. A simple, simple moment, when everything dissolves into a single experience. We may enter it through interest or curiosity or concentration, through devotion or surrender. Or we may enter it despite ourselves, having been taken over by a magnificent vista, or a subtle, surprising fragrance, or the spirit that moves through someone’s action. When we’re in awe, life is moving through us unhindered; we forget our inner drama and become intimate with what faces us. We become momentary, open, aware, involved, integrated without trying to be.

Awe requires practice; we need to apply our will to be able to access a healthy awe. In this workshop we will investigate the light and shadow sides of our journey to direct experience. If arriving in a simple moment interests you, join us for a weekend devoted to moving beyond our inner stories, into the wordless magnificence of real life — the one happening right now.

Saturday & Sunday June 19 & 20

10:30am – 5:00pm

Dovercourt House- 805 Dovercourt @ Bloor in Toronto(Saturday 3rd floor, Sunday 2nd floor)

$200—-Early-bird price $175 if paid by June 5th

805 Dovercourt @ Bloor in Toronto

Contact Taeji for registration – 5r@windovergrass.com or  (416) 520-2209.

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